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Amalgam Recovery


Amalgam waste is found within the dental practice. The most common is the “chairside trap”. Other waste amalgam items include: leftover or spent amalgam, removed teeth with amalgam fillings, empty amalgam capsules, and vacuum trap containers located by the vacuum pump. All of these contain amalgam residue. Even if a dental practice claims to be amalgam free, composite only, they can still generate waste amalgam from removed teeth and from chairside and vacuum pump traps.

Solmetex provides a UN/DOT approved storage and shipping container with prepaid return shipping and certificate of recycling for the generator.

The Solmetex Amalgam Bucket meets all BMP requirements for the new EPA amalgam regulation. Includes amalgam bucket, recycling, shipping, and recycling certificates.

Items to be recycled in the amalgam bucket

• Contact amalgam/ non-contact amalgam

• Removed teeth with amalgam fillings

• Expended amalgam capsules

• Chairside traps

• Vacuum pump filters

  1. Item # PWS-AB-1 1.25 gallon amalgam bucket
  2. Item # PWS-AB-2 2.5 gallon amalgam bucket
  3. Item # PWS-AB-3.5 3.5 gallon amalgam bucket
  4. Item # PWS-AB-5 5 gallon amalgam bucket

Amalgam Waste Solutions

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