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Introducing one of the first ever tankless dry vacuum systems…


The NXT DryVac system is designed to provide superior operational performance with low acquisition costs and virtually no maintenance, all in a compact footprint for easy installation. The NXT DryVac’s modular construction is a tankless central suction system that is 100% water free, with an integrated air/water separation system. The economical NXT DryVac is the most cost effective vacuum system on the market today.

NXT DryVac Tankless Dry Vacuum System

  • • Lightweight Tankless Design — easy installation, especially for offices with limited space.
    • Reliable Proven Technology — superior performance, highly efficient vacuum power with low operating costs.
    • Affordability — notably lower in cost than competing dry vacuum systems.
    • Eco-friendly — requires significantly less water to operate than wet vacuums, resulting in lower water utility bills.
     Maintenance — less exposure to minerals in the water equates to less maintenance and repairs
    • Installation — connects to most pre-existing plumbing.
    • Quieter — moderate noise level.
    • Expandable – Easily connects up to two or three NXT DryVac hybrid devices.
    • Complete System is UL Certified
     Annual Maintenance Kit Available — Solmetex recommends the use of PowerScrub Vacuum Line Cleaner on a daily basis to break down and eliminate built up debris in vacuum lines.

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