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Buy 2 of ANY Bien Air Prestige High Speed Handpieces & Get 1 FREE!!!
MIX and MATCH - Free handpiece must be equal or lesser value. Coupler sold separately.



Every evolution of the Bora and Prestige series embodies Bien-Air’s user-focused approach to micro-precision engineering. Impressive bur concentricity, safe cooling of the treatment site, and near-perfect weight distribution are just three of a tall list of performance- and comfort-enhancing features for you to benefit from. With Prestige’s most compact head, those hard to reach areas in the back of the mouth are accessed with surprising ease. Exceed the high standards you’ve set for yourself with the proven competence and quality this progressive series stands for.

* 2-year standard warranty and 1-year optional warranty available through Bien-Air's PlanCare extended warranty program.

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  • NEW! Prestige LED/LED LK
  • Prestige LED LK REF 1600734-001 uses your Kavo style coupler!!!
  • Prestige L uses a buld type light
  • Mini head - only 10.6 mm wide!!
  • - Up to a 36 Month Warranty - 3 YEARS!!
  • - Custom designed ceramic ball bearings for extended life
  • - Cool Touch anti-heating technology for patient safety
  • - Easy push button that is extra soft for easy bur release
  • - Strong, long lasting LED light

Prestige L, Prestige LED, Prestige LED LK, Prestige (no light)



    • 2+1 Prestige L REF 1600380-001 SET - Buy 2 of the Prestige L & get 1 free - Prestige L that uses a bulb type light(not LED) and uses the Bien Air coupler
    • Prestige L REF 1600380-001 - Single Prestige L that uses a bulb type light(not LED) and uses the Bien Air coupler
    • 2+1 Prestige LED REF 1600641-001 SET - Buy 2 of the  Prestige LED & get 1 free - Prestige LED light series that uses the Bien Air coupler
    • Prestige LED REF 1600641-001 -  Single Prestige LED light series that uses the Bien Air coupler
    • 2+1 Prestige LED LK REF 1600734-001 SET - Buy 2 get 1 free of the Prestige LED LK  handpieces that uses a LED lgiht and a Kavo style coupler
    • Prestige LED LK REF 1600734-001 - Single Prestige LED LK handpiece that uses a LED lgiht and a Kavo style coupler
    • 2+1 Prestige REF 1600379-001 SET - Buy2 Prestige handpiece & get 1 free - Prestige handpieces with NO LIGHT and uses the Bien Air coupler
    • Prestige REF 1600379-001 - Single Prestige handpiece with NO LIGHT and uses the Bien Air coupler

    1) Accu-Chuck PreciPlus™bur-locking and rotation drive mechanism

    This revolutionary technology assures a staunch clamping of eliminating all vibrations, and granting the Prestie professional stability and comfort for the most precise dental work. Conversely, bur-release is made quick and safe, thanks to Bien-Air's unique Soft Push™ system.

    2) Accu-Spray with LED illumination

    This ultra-precise nebulization system is composed of three separate air and water sprays providing comprehensive cooling to the bur and treatment site. In combination with a LED light, unobscured intraoral visibility is guaranteed.

    3) Sealed Head™ contamination control

    In combination with an anti-retraction valve, this wear-resistant mechanism prevents oral fluids and other organisms from infiltrating the instrument's head, water lines, and treatment unit. This obviates the risk of patient cross-contamination and noticeably prolongs the ball bearings' lifespan.

    4) Cool Touch™ safety

    Conveniently integrated into the head's push button, this patented anti-heating technology is designed to maintain the instrument's head at a safe temperature, thus significantly decreasing patient burn injuries.

    5) Custom-designed ceramic ball bearings

    These wear-resistant Bien-Air ceramic ball bearings grant the handpiece extended service life and contribute to lower acoustic noise levels.

    6) Free move

    Freedom of movement for optimum working comfort. Thanks to its light rotating Unifix quick-connect connection and an easy-to-use secure release, the Bien-Air turbine/hose combination will prove a pleasant work companion day in, day out.

    7) SteadyTorque™

    A high power turbine generator.The masterful engineering of the rotor’s micron-precise shape and configuration, coupled with optimal air pressure distribution and exhaust flow, warrant the Tornado an unrivaled 30-watt power output. To contribute to an impeccable user experience, the turbine’s head is ergonomically compact and the sound level at an all-time 55-decibel low. This exclusive technology is complemented with specially-designed ceramic ball bearings capable of handling the highest speed and heaviest loads, guaranteeing the Tornado superior durability and resilience.

    8) Size and weight

    The optimal diameter and height of the head facilitates maneuverability and posterior access. The TORNADO's comparatively lighter weight pushes the limits of comfort even further with more balanced manipulation and reduced hand and wrist fatigue.

    9)TotalTact™ coating

    This smooth hygienic nonslip coating presents elevated resistance to scratching and abrasion and withstands the high temperatures of repeated autoclave sterilization cycles.

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